SACD Firmware issues?

I have been wondering if anyone has had issues with their SACD players that seem to be "firmware" related. I've heard that there are numerous problems that can cause skipping and stoppage of play. I've also heard that SACD players are extra-sensitive to heat.
Anybody know more about this?

The only ones I'm aware of are for the SCD-1 and 777es,which result in a loud burst of noise at the end of certain discs.There is a firmware update for this,also I think the Tommy SACD and many Channel Classic recordings exhibit this behavior.Gary.
I have had problems with Tommy, as well as with other discs. Sometimes it will begin skipping until it no longer plays. If I unplug the unit and give it a rest, I can then play the disc with no problems. I have 3 SACD players and have observed similar problems on all of them. It seems to be heat-related, but I don't know this, I only suspect it. I may also be that a "reboot" occurs if you unplug the unit long enough to allow the caps to discharge.

I am surprised that nobody else has come across this. It appears to be a prevalent and disappointing aspect of SACD in my home.

None of these players exhibit any problems playing redbook, either.

Also, I heard rumblings that firmware issues were the very reason Krell discontinued their SACD player.

I have had problems with SACDs skipping on my Denon DVD 2900. No problems with red book or dvd. I find that the Dark Side of the Moon SACD skips and stops playing the most of any of the SACDs that I have. The redbook layer works when I put it in my Rega Planet. This problem has caused me to reconsider getting my player modded. I am now looking for a better CD player.
Guss2, do you know where can you get that problem fixed (I've had the same problem on a number of discs, almost as though the laser doesn't get the cue to stop reading)? It is a great way to clean out the system with pink noise, but it is a bit jarring to say the least!

Other than that, there were early problems with the SCD-1 and 777ES relating to the sled motor, but a good cleaning fixed that problem in many cases, including mine.
All of the SCD-1's and 777ES ever made have this firmware issue.The players either must be sent to Sony for update or they can be updated by one of the many competant modders out there.I found out about this fix just after my player had returned from Sony for a spindle and optic replacement,which really pissed me off.I've decided to wait till my warranty runs out next year and have everything done at once.You can check Audio Asylum to see if anyone has been able to DIY regarding this issue.Gary.
This may be beneficial to some.Gary.