SACD feature of Sony DVP-S9000ES

So how good is it really? I have this player and a few SACD's, but I have never heard Sony's 777 or SCD-1 players. Just curious if the SACD feature of this DVD player holds real quality (parts) or I should just consider it a novelty addition.
I've been listening to it quite a bit. It is not better than a very high end CD playback system--but it is better than comparably priced CD playback systems for SACD (keep in mind--that would be less than $750, since 1/2 of this unit is for video processing and projecting--that's just a generalization). It does need to burn in for a long time--200 hours perhaps---before that it sounds pretty bad.
I own a S9000ES. I've heard the Sony players and the Marantz SA-1, but I've never compared them in my home.
The S9000ES was designed by a different division that designed the rest of the Sony players, so it does not have many, if any, of the same parts.

To sum what I've heard and read, it has a better bass that the 333 and more accurate mid-range than all 3 Sony SACD players. However, all 3 Sonys have cleaner resolution and the SCD-1 and 777 may have slightly better dynamics. Not by a lot. Some people have sold their SCD 1 or 777 and have purchased the 9000 and have been very heppy. The difference is not that great, but there is a difference.

A $1500 DVD player with SACD option should not sound as good as a $5000 CD/SACD player.

That said, I've very pleased with my S9000ES. The CD and DVD-Video audio is so much better than my previous player. And I own the Miles Davis CD, Billy Joel CD and Willie Nelson CD that has cuts on the SACD sampler disc. The SACD cuts are clearly better.

I do not believe that the 9000 SACD option is a novelty, and it sonics likely will be vastly superior to the $400 and $800 CD/SACD player to come out this summer. I also suspect that shortly, Sony will be offering SACD on lesser-priced Sony DVD players. These two will likely have lower quality sonics.
From first hand experience, the 9000ES does not have a more "accurate midrange" than the SCD-1. In fact the SCD-1
betters the 9000es in virtually every musical category.
Well, lets see 1100.00,the seling price of the 9000 divided by 1/3that puts 367.00 as the cost of the sacd in the 9000,so of course it will not compete with a scd-1, which sold for around 3500.00 or so new.But tommart is right as i had the 777 and 9000 in my home for comparison and it does indeed better the 777 in the mids and bass,but is a little shy of the 777 in the highs and overall resolution.This being said the 9000 can be modded with a few hundred dollars in parts and be the equal of likes of wadia ect,and be at least the equal,but in reports iv'e heard,better than the sa-1, plus you get a top rate dvd player to boot. This out of all the sacd capable sonys is the steal of the group,but there all worth the price of admission for sacd playback alone.
Hi: I agree with Tommart and ears. I owned both 777 and 9000 and while both have their own pluses and minuses I choose 9000 over 777 for the same reason ears indicated: better midrange and bass. Furtheer, to correct poor highs performance I asked Stan Warren to mod my unit (which he done and I am extremely happy with results. Price was only $250 - you can call hin at 541/244/3696 EST and just discuss your situation), plus I appropriately upgraded the system.e.g I added Triphazer hi-frequency non-linearity correction device and few more small thing. Today I have excellent midrange and bass better then before AND sacious wide and deep soundstage, pulpability and detail. on SACD I can hear mouse sleeping and snorring four basements from recording studio (I joked only two basements away). Trust your ears and Good luck Simon
widescreen reveiws april issue says that it doesn't quite equal the audio performance of the scd-1.And that,while in sacd mode the 9000es sonically outperformed a state of the art cd player that costs more than 4 times as much, and because i read this rag regularly i happen to no there talking about a wadia 860.Anyway the reveiw go's on to say the same as other rags in that the 9000es is an amazing bargain for just 1500.00,and we all no they sell a lot cheaper than that.