SACD/DVD upgrade question...

I am currently using an all EAD front end (t7000 transport and dsp 7000 mkIII HDCD DAC).

I am looking to update my transport so I can start to take advantage of DVD(video) and SACD playback.

Music is still my first priority here.

Im looking at the Marantz SA12s1 Reference player. Can anyone tell me if they have any thoughts on whether my redbook performance would suffer with this player(compaired to my current set-up)?

I have no local Marantz dealer, so any experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks as always..


PS...look at my system page for associated equipment if necessary
I can only speak from the DV8300 Marantz, I feel it ok but nothing so special that I would consider letting my Linn Ikemi go. I am actually hoping to see if Linn or Naim release a SACD/DVD-A/CD player in my price range. Linn is releasing the UNIDISK in the next few months but 10K is more than my budget will bear. I would wait if I were you and se what HighEnd companys come out with. Marantz is good stuuf but I don't think they are as apt to produce an audiphiles dream as Linn Naim CJ or others.
The Unidisk is an interesting possibility, but I can't pin anyone down about where the price will come in. It could be anywhere between $6000 and $9000 from what I have heard. They are supposed to ship in six to eight weeks. I'm hoping that my dealer will be able to get the CES advanced prototype for me to hear before the final production units arrive. What is also interesting is that other manufacturers will be using the Linn/ESS "silver disk engine" in their universal players. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure the new McCormack and Lexicon players use it. A shootout seems to be in order.