SACD/DVD-AUDIO vs Technics SH-AC500D Compatible?

The manual for my 3 year old Technics Processor mentions that it does not reproduce input signals of 96KHZ. My question is-if I purchase a SACD/DVD-AUDIO player, will it degrade the signal to send it through the analogue pass throughs on the Technics? It appears I couldn't use it to decode them-am I correct in that assumption? My system is jury rigged as it is as I am using Marantz mono blocks for the front channels and a Technics receiver for the rear channels. I have a NAD preamp so for the times I am not using the Technics for surround sound I just let it pass through the processor. I am thinking of just buying a very good receiver to make it less confusing!
Sacd/dvd-audio players decode in the player. If your Technics has the 5.1 analog inputs/pass throughs you are all set.
The analogue bypass of the SH-AC500D is not limited by the 24/96 resolution of the digital channels. The problem is that SACD/DVD-A players rarely have a volume control and the bypass of the SH-AC500D is merely that and lacks a volume control, as well. So, how will you control volume?

OTOH, I run the output of the SH-AC500D (for DTS/DD) through the bypass of my MCH preamp and use the active MCH inputs for SACD and DVD-A.
Thanks for the responses. What is confusing me, is that in the descriptions of some of the receivers, they mention 192 KHZ/24 bit DACs. Since the Technics doesn't decode the 96 KHz signal, and now manufacturers are including 192 KHZ DAC, I am thinking I may be missing something. Is this only an advantage when you use the digital outputs from the player? Would it be better to have something like the 192 KHZ DAC to feed it in to? I guess I just want to make sure I get the best sound possible from whatever player I buy. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions.
The Technics is capable of being a DAC/decoder for DD, DTS and stereo data up to 24/48, I believe. It predates DVD-A and SACD. I use mine ONLY for DD and DTS and use other hardware for stereo CD, DVD-A and SACD.

If you get a good receiver with 24/192, DD and DTS, feed the analog and digital to it and sell the Technics.