SACD / DVD-A Digital Distribution

I'm interested in getting the digital hi-res signal out of a universal hi-res player. All six channels- similar to the way a stereo AES/EBU signal can be sent to a two channel D/A. I understand record company's concerns over copyright, but the signal is in a digital format SOMEWHERE in the player correct?

Is there a way to do it? Are there good engineer-tweaks out there who are reputable at doing a modification like this to a player?

Also, I've been told the new hi-res digital standard is SDIF-3. Is this true? If so, does anyone make a unit that can control or distibute it, say out to independent quality 24/192 D/As for conversion from the output I'm looking for above?

Reason: I'd like to locate hi-res D/As just before mono amps which are physically located at each one of my speakers around the room, thus shortening all analog signals to their absolute minimum. Thoughts?