SACD dealers in Chicago

I was wondering if anybody in the Chicago area could tell me who(dealers) and where I can listen to SACD units set up correctly. Sony SCD-777ES, Phillips, Marantz? I appreciate the help.
I was at the Sony store on Michigan Ave. about a month and a half ago. They had what at that time were all three of the current Sony models hooked up for your listening pleasure. Otherwise, you may want to try Audio Consultants. They carry both Sony and Marantz, but I do not know if they have any set up. Good Luck, Doug
Audio Consultants and The Good Guys in the suburbs, S. Halsted I think. The Sony store also for sure and I did hear the 777ES at The Good Guys, but it was the only model not to mention horribly over priced.
Hey Thorty40, what's the address for the Good Guys? I would like to listen to their set up...thanks!
Hi Mgs,

I apologize, its The Little Guys and the address is 18305 S. Halsted, Glenwood, Il. 60425. If you decide to get a 777ES you may want to check out, it will save you about $1200 that way :) Good luck. Oh yea, their number is 708-754-8844.

I contacted Oade, and was told the SCD777ES has been "suddenly discontinued." This after recent raves in The Listener and this month's Stereophile. At around $1500, I was ready to buy. Darn.
Thanks guys, I plan on making a trip up to Chicago soon and was wondering, if you guys had the afternoon to spend, what would be the top three places (who and where) you would go to listen to high end sources? Any Wadia? Resolution Audio? as well as SACD?
I suppose I would recommend in Audio Consultants first, followed by ProMusica and Holm. Those are probably the three top. There are several others, unfortunatley, I will have to look them up. If you are interested in specifics, such as address, phone number, brands carried etc. e-mail me and I will try to get you what you need. Thanks, Doug
Hi Ericchang,
I second Doug's recommendation on checking out Audio Consultant. I have yet to visit ProMusica and Holm, but I would recommend Avant Garde Audio on Clark St. and Quintessence Audio, which is the authorized Wadia shop. Another shop that might be of interest is Celestial Sound in Evanston; they carry Accuphase, Plinius, Metronome...etc.

Hope this helps!
Hey Chris, thanks for the info!
Hi Doug28450,

Do you know Holm audio's address or number off hand? I am looking for a dealer in Chicago with some good vinyl gear and I think Holm was a candidate. I could be mistaken though. Thanks.

BTW - Mgs - you're welcome :)

Thorty40, Holm Audio is just east of the 75th Street exit of I-355. They have plenty of tube equipment, but typically only have two turntable setups. They're good people to deal with.
I think Holm has a short webpage at

And Eric...if you only have the afternoon to spend, you'll probably end up having to skip Holm (or make that your only stop)...they're about a 45 minute drive from downtown. The Little Guys are also far from downtown. Evanston can be quite a ride too. Where are you going to be specifically?

If you're downtown, you're near: Audio Consultants (Gold Coast store...on Wells St?), Paul Heath (on Clark St, in Lincoln Park), Pro Musica (on Clark St. in Lincoln Park), Avant Garde (on Clark St in Lincoln Park), and the Sony Store (for SACD...on Michigan Ave)

If you're near Evanston: Audio Consultants (on Davis in Evanston), Celestial Sound in Evanston?? (I'm not familiar with them), Quintessence (on Dempster St. in Morton Grove), Van L. Speakerworks (appr. 5600 N. Western Ave in Chicago), and Audio Image (appr. 5800 Lincoln Ave in Chicago).

There are plenty more in the various suburbs. Let us know where you'll be and we can be more helpful.
Phild, by chance would you know were we could listen to a good vinyl set up in Chicago, besides Holm audio? Thanks. Sorry for not sticking to the topic, but we have had quite a time locating a good analogue shop in Chicago.

Audio Consultants in Evanston has a good setup with a Michell Orbe, SME V arm and Benz cartridge, playing through Levinson electronics. They change the speakers from time to time--lately they've been using the Eggleston Andras.
Thanks "Dschoenberg" I have not been to the Evanston Audio consultants in at long time. I must pay them a visit soon, as I would really like to hear the Orbe. Thanks for the information.


PhilD, I will be near Superior Street and Michigan Avenue. Its likely that I will hit some of the suggestions on Clark St. and the Sony store.

Gentleman, I'm grateful for all of your responses. This has been very helpful to me.

Thank you. Eric
Thanks you guys for the information. I went to Holm Audio on Monday afternoon and had a great vinyl demonstration with some beautiful Nottingham tables. Nice change of pace from some of the shops downtown.