sacd connection

I just bought philips sacd 1000 from ebay.This is my first sacd player.But I have krell hts 1 processor which doesn't have 5.1 channel input.Since I don't have 5.1 input option which is the best way to connect philips sacd1000 dvd video/sacd player to krell hts 1.I would like to enjoy both dvd and sacd.Thank you very much.
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If you have no way to connect the 5.1 for SACD simply run SACD in stereo(it seems to be your only choice with out buying a new component) and use a digital cable from the philips to the krell for 5.1 on DVD's. You can switch from analog out and digital out on the philips fairly easily.
Sell the damn thing before it breaks down on you. (Don't blink!)
I didn't want to curse him ;) that being said I agree completely, I have a dead philips.