SACD/CD Players Skipping Problems???

I Just wanted to share with you guys that I took the cover off a McIntosh CD 201 player. Because my brother was complaining that it skipped on Super audio and red book cd's.Once inside I noticed the drive was made by hitachi and it was the usual cheesy type BUT the main thing is that this player spins disks at 4x (2x for SACD) the normal speed.So,the disk sits on a thin rubber ring on top of a aluminum or cheap metal spindle,if the rubber ring gets dusty or dirty the disk slips and causes the skipping. I cleaned this ring and now the player works like a champ! Amazing how 1 little thing can cause a real problem. SO keep your spindles clean and players dust free and you too wont have to ship your stuff off or carry it to the local store for service. Your welcome:-)
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I always use a small 'blush brush' and wipe every CD or SACD or DVD with one every time before I insert the Cd/SACD/DVD.
The tiny size particle which can interfere with reading is amazing. Remember the image of a cigarette smoke particle vs read height? The visually invisible cigarette smoke particle was a boulder next to the gap.
Thanks for the tip.