SACD...around $3500?

I never thought this would be so hard....

Looking for new CD player, and I've got just enough Hybrid CDs that it would sure be nice to have SACD.

...have Triode preamp, SS power amp, Maggie 3.6 speakers.

have listened to Cambridge 740 and 840C, Marantz SA11S2 and SA15S2. (SA11S2 would be just about the max I'd like to spend.) I did quite like the SA11S2, with no competitors in that price range, I'd probably end up there....but options are always nice.

I felt that both Marantz units beat both Cambridge units.

any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Buy into the future, consider the Oppo BDP83. I have heard it play SACD and was impressed, better then the Marantz sa11s2. Let your ears judge, not the size of your wallet. Since Oppo has a good return policy, buying has little risk. Bring both units into your system and listen is the only way to tell. A Marantz dealer should be able to do a loaner for two weeks. Sony is planning to put many of the SACD titles out in Blu-Ray, first is miles blue.
Look at the new modwrights. Dan does terrific magic with the Sony and Oppo players
I'm a fan of the Sony SCD-XA5400ES. It compares very favourably with my extensively modified (Ric Schultz - EVS) Sony XA777ES and the 5400 sports balanced outputs, though I don't think that is of interest to you. $1500.

I'd like to hear a comparison to the Oppo, even the SE version that's coming out on Monday. If the Oppo can match the 5400 it's going to be a great buy, especially with DVD-A and BluRay. I wouldn't mind buying one and letting Ric work his magic.

I have to admit I somewhat discounted the OppoBDP83 only because of it's incredible low cost. I must check into it as well as the hot-rod Oppos via Modright and others.

Metralla, were you referring to an OppoBDP83 SE version being introduced on Monday?

Thanks everyone!
Yes. If you can stand the fairly rabid fans ...

Just a suggestion - why not go for a used Marantz SA-7S1 or Cary 306 Professional? A great review here:
I wish I had the resources to get one of them.
I've listened to a lot of SACD players at various shows. Ended up with the Sony XA5400ES - until I can find one that really sounds better. I was not impressed with the Marantz offering. You need to go with the Esoteric 2 box P03/D03 to hear something really good. The Ayre C-5xe MP sounds very good and I might buy one. Unless I can get enough money for an EMM somehow. The EMM 2 box DAC2/TSD1 is really special.
Ayre has a new player based on the Oppo multi-drive. The C-5xe sounded better on SACD.
Have not heard the Oppo but suspect it's trying to do too much.
The XA5400SE is heavy and well built. Fantastic bargain for SACD if you are playing 2 channels. Red Book is also very good (but after playing SACD they all sound like junk).
I disagree w/ Mrthunder and like the Marantz S11 S2 and S11 S1 quite a bit. Smooth, resolving enough, and completely musical. Great warranty.
Thanks very much everyone!

I'm for sure going to have a look at the various Oppo possibilities, and the Sony units as well!

I'm not at all familiar with the Esoteric, Ayre units...more to noodle!

I liked the SA11S2, and I suspect a SA-7S1 or Cary 306 would be great..especially if I could find them used at a reasonable price.

The SA11S2 I borrowed had what appeared to be something wrong with the CD tray, as there was an annoying scraping sound when it was traveling in or out. It seemed to function fine otherwise, but I was surprised about this seeming defect as the unit is built like a tank otherwise.
(it was a new unit out-of-the-box)

Look into a Cary 306. They can be had for under $3000. Sound every bit as good as the Professional version that sells for lots more.

Very good player!
I'd recommend the Sony XA5400ES or one of the Marantz players. If you've listened to the Marantz and like it I'd start there - although you might consider picking up an SA8003 or used SA8001 and using the change to buy more music. Both of these players sound terrific on my Thiel 3.6/Musical Fidelity A3.2CR setup. Good luck and most of all have fun!

Lexicon Rt20-under $1000. Buy some power conditioning/isolation with your savings.
I have had the 5400 for 2 weeks, I have owned Marantz SA11-S1, S2, NAD M5 most recently. The Sony in my opinion beats all of them, it is more honest in it's representation, the NAD is the closest to the sound of the Sony but the Sony beats in detail and low end responce. The Marantz are great players if you have brighter components since they do add a liile warmth.