SACD anyone???

I put this under music because;great sounding sacd is my goal.Before I get to far,I just bought my first XRCD and it blows me away. ---Over at avsforum they have what they call a tier system for the new format discs. This is based on pic.quality. So, of the 3 sacds I own none sound as good as the one xrcd.
I went thrugh all 53 pages at Music Direct and only found one item to buy.
I noticed a pretty skimpy representation in the C&W arena. Are they stereotyping c&w fans??? It would seem so. All I saw was some4/5 Johnny Cash, 2 Allison Krous;not much more Further,5.1 sacd isn't for me. Then we have 3.0 or even 4.0
So, are there sacds that sound better than other sacds??
Background: I have a sacd changer I have owned for 2 years. I also own a dvd-a changer in another system.I never bought either software---till I bought AA Prestige se. THAT set me off on a journey to see,7 years later what these new formats have to offer.
My tastes would be classical first,C&W, then 70's. Back a few years ago Sat's Music Choice had a Dixieland station. That and some good big-band stuff. The sacd's I own 2 Bob Dillon--(So,So,) a Classical 3.0 I bought by mistake. I ordered Dvorak/Szell's Slavonic Dances. Do some labels sound better??
I have found that the best sounding SACD's are the newer ones recorded with DSD.
Try Jorma Kaukonen's "Blue Country Heart," a fabulous sounding SACD and great band with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and even Bela Fleck on a couple of songs.
As for classical, if you like Mahler, the symphony cycle of Michael Tilson-Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony on SACD sounds great, too.
I will leave the rest to others but the classical repertoire is very well represented in SACD. Among the labels making excellent NEW recordings, there is Telarc, Pentatone, MDG, Harmonia Mundi, Channel Classics, Lipinski, Chesky, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, Ondine, BIS and many others. Major orchestras are also issuing SACDs, see SFSO, LSO, LPO, RCO, Minnesota, Philadelphia and more coming soon.

While there are some really outstanding reissues like the RCA and Mercury series, the best is the new stuff.

You might want to try some of the SACD Bob Dylan. It's not country per say but does draw from that genre quite abit.Try the early stuff which is Folk Music. John Wesley Harding is a great CD by Dylan.
The Dillon I have is the new; title readout, and such. Is there a ''--couldn't resist that but maybe another place with more titles?? Ok,I'm cheep or is that cheap? The Nora, Japanese pressing, for $49 scarred me. At a more friendly price I would have purchased it.--I have a couple Bis cds and the old standard cds sound great./ So I guess sacd on bis should be as good as it gets.--Ncarv--I will get that one;just wrote myself a note.
Try, or eBay for software. Try or for reviews.

Personally I love SACD. I even like some of the 5.1 mixes. Good luck.

If you like the Jorma Kaukonen (orig lead guitarist from Jefferson Airplane and then Hot Tuna) try Brothers and Sisters. Acoustic Blues and great vocals with Rory Block, Maria Muldar and a guy whose name escapes me at the moment.
Eric Bibb.

The SACD is Telarc SACD-63588 and is actually "Sisters and Brothers" - 2 gals outnumbered 1 guy so "sisters" are first. ;-) Great album.

I always felt that Aaron Copland's "Billy the Kid" and "Rodeo" were C&W and you have some choice on SACD.
Rebecca Pigeon" The Raven"