SACD and DVD-A:why so negative, "guru"?

"Even if DVD-A and SACD die -and I sincerely hope they join
DCC and DAT, and take a few callus, cynical companies as they cross the Styx -normal DVD players are so umbi-quitous and the good ones so competent with 16-bit CD that only a spendthrift would buy a CD-only player in future."

This quote is from a review of the Audio Research CD3(CDP),
in the february(2002) issue of Hi-Fi News. The author
is the well-known and well-respected(?)reviewer Martin Colloms.
To me , such statements adds to my already sceptical attitude toward reviewers.Colloms is not the only one
who believes, that a highly developed (and expencive)CD-player is quite enought to achieve a splendid sound in a
I´ll readily admit that there are some great CDP around,
although usually at high prices, and Collums review may
be seen as a tribute to these remainders of "the old

But let me question the purpose of taking a negative attitude towards innovations. These innovations may - in the long run, very well be accepted as a step forward, by the audio-society,in concensus.

Some more examples of such negative attitudes.
A swedish guru, and a leader of what I regard as an audio-sect, here in Sweden, meant that SACD would sound worse
than CD, even before he was able to listening to the former. Some other european reviewers now and then write,
that there seems to be no need for the new formats.
Well, one can say that everybody has the right to have their
But then I have to say to the majority of reviewers, I don´t
trust you.Most of you make things quite a bit more simple
than reality, and to me, it is often obvious that you are
not questioning yourselfs enough!
A simple example, is it really true, that it´s a good thing
to place a floorstanding speaker on spikes...mmmm I´ll come
back to this.

Håkan Ståhl
I think actually it was Ken Kessler who made that quote if I remember right.
I'm not so sure most of the reviewers are against the new formats but rather the way the manufacturers have introduced them.
Reviewers/audio writers attitudes in general are a whole topic in themselves personally I think the vast majority are a waste of space,with a handful of knowledgeable,honest and good writers and that mag you mentioned certainly represents the UK's best audio writers.
Hi-fi News has been for a while concerned with both the amount of software available for the new formats and the quality of a lot of them.
You'll find similar sentiments amongst some here and others who are enjoying the new formats.
Personally again I think the new formats have confused the industry and I think if these guys have serious reservations (i.e the better, more knowledgeable writers) then I think there is cause for concern because the big thing about hi-fi mags is that they seldom bite the hands that feed them,quite the opposite.
Sorry, I have mixed the authors up.Should be Ken Kessler,even put a note on that on the photocopy I took at
the libery.My apologize!
But regarding the subject of negative attitudes,some reviwers are, in my opinion not clear enough of the course
of their negative attitudes towards the new formats!
And while I too, am critical to the introduction (even wrote
Sony Sweden a long critical letter),I think it´s better
to us consumers, to try to guide the development of the new formats in a direction that is benificial to us, than accepting an attitude that Red Book CD´s are the standard
to accept.
The fact that expensive vinyl rigs are still popular,shows
that there is a need for better digital sources,I think.
Vinyl can be wonderful, but it is somewhat complicated
to get right.
Indeed, I have come to the conclusion that the survival of vinyl (see the TT mkt that refuses to die) is the result of consumers' quest for better sound -- and not the nostalgic reaction of old fogeys like myself.
This said, I have found that both SACD & DVD-A had better sonic qualities than redbook -- when playing an original format recording, or a DAT conversion (at least, that's how the discs I listened to were presented to me).
As to the marketing approach... had it been fully convincing, one of the formats would have already taken off. It hasn't yet.
I find it interesting that in the Rockport/Tener Audio room at the Tuscany (The Expo just recently concluded in Las Vegas) with its $87,000 speakers and almost $80,000 worth of amps, ONE COULD NOT FIND AN ANALOG, SACD, OR DVD-A SOURCE!!! The only source was the Audio Aero Capitole CD (REDBOOK ONLY) PLAYER!!! (It also has a digital input for DVD-A). This upsampling beauty had such a startling analog sound, that the powers that be decided this was the only source and format that was needed in this mega-buck room. And they were right! The sound was addictive...this was the room that I never wanted to leave! (Several visits.) When the new formats finally "get it right" and stop inflating the price of software, maybe then I'll consider them. Until then, the Audio Aero Capitole is my choice...playing the much cheaper and larger library of Redbook CD's. (Website is Happy Tunes!
as i noted on another thread, i spent the week during which i'd ordinarily be at ces doing comparative listening of my boulder 1012 pre/dac and an accuphase dp-85 (one-box cd/sacd player). among other things, i listened to sacd's and redbook versions of the same recording played through the boulder dac and linestage (for cd playback, i used, alternately, the analog out of the dp-85 and the diigital out on my accuphase dp-90 transport). the sonic differences between these recordings are, to my ears, nearly undetectable. sacd's originally recorded in 24/96 or higher sampling rates are sonically superior to redbook cd's, tho the sound does NOT approach that of high-quality analog. unless and until a significant number, say a thousand, high-sampling-rate discs in the sacd format become available, i'll stick with cd's and my tried-and-true lp's. IMO, there aren't enough dvd-a titles yet available to consider that format even nascently viable. -cfb
AMEN, Cornfed.
Would an all-in-one player really be the sollution for audiophiles? We all have separates every where else in out systems to get better sound. The A-I-O player is probably a Joe Consumer solution.
I went to a Tower store the other day.
They had set up a seperate section for DVD audio & SACD; it was emptied out. Larry W.
I should clarify my previous submission. Tower was removing the CD's not purchasing customers. I have equipment capable of playing either format so I would like to see both readily available. Larry W.