SACD anamoly?

I have three SACD out of around 50 or so. 2 by Vanguard, the Berlioz Requiem and Brendel doing Chopin's Polinaises plus a Fantasy of Vince Guaraldi doing Charlie Brown's Christmas. The problem is they will not play on my Marantz SA-14. They will on every other SACD player I try. No other CD,several hundred or SACD has this issue. Any ideas?
If I remember correctly SA-14 uses the same laser as SA-1. My SA-1 won`t also play a couple SACD-s. These are hybrids. This is typical for first SACD players. SA-1 was the first Marantz SACD player. My guess is that some newer SACD discs might have some information that Marantz don`t recognize.
Thank Plutos!
At least it gives me a way to go.
Incidently, just tried Walker Audio's Talisman on one, Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas the CD layer will at least now play.
I had a Marantz 8001 that would not recognize the sacd layer of my Mercury Living Presence Rachmaninov SACD but it plays fine on Sony and pioneer universals. Why that particular one only, I don't know.
That MLP must be the Rach 2&3 disc, and it must be one from the first batch of that disc. It was problematic for a lot of players for some reason. There was a second pressing of this disc and there seemed to be no issues with it.
Sharri, thanks for the info, it is the Rach 2&3.