SACD 5.1 vs 2 channel - really different!!

I scored Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on SACD and have really enjoyed the surround mix.  It’s CDP 7243 5 82136 2 I-US.  Track 7 has a great sax solo starting at 5:25. In the surround mix it literally sounds like it’s in my room, every single detail is crystal clear front and center and is the focal point of the track. When I switch the oppo to the stereo mix the sax essentially fades to the background. Completely different experience in my opinion and the surround version is far more preferable.  Is it common that stereo and surround mixes are so different?  I’ve played with a few others and noticed similar results but none to that degree. I’ve reviewed all my setting to ensure the processor is handling everything the same way as I was trying to rule out setup issues.   Curious if anyone else has encountered this. 
It is quite common for SACD to be mastered for different tastes, yes, absolutely. It's been repeatedly shown. I think the same may happen with vinyl vs. streaming as well.

It isn't just the technology but measurably different approaches.