A few weeks ago someone started a thread about SACD2 and gave us a link for an article that appeared about it. If Sony were to introduce such a format do you think the new generation of SACD2 players that will likely follow will play the first generation of SACD discs that have already come out?

It is hard for me to imagine that the new players would not play all SACD discs. As ridiculous as it sounds it would not surpirse me if the first several generations of SACD1 players might not play SACD2 discs. Any speculation on this?
What is the title of the original post?
I missed it and would like to read it...
If this SACD2 business is indeed in the works, I don't feel too bad in having stuck with redbook and LPs.

What now, remaster everything again for the new format?

Audio is/has gotten out of control.
This has been nothing more then a rumor for around a year now. IF and that is a big IF SACD2 were to come out the current players would not be able to play the SACD2 discs because one of the big "improvements" that is mentioned is greater security making it even harder to "crack the code". Also it is rumored that video will be required/optional not unlike DVDa, however, then SACD2 would have the same problems getting the rights to the stills and movies which is a large reason there are so few new DVDa releases coming out. With the steam current SACD has Sony/Philips would be STUPID to stop now- doesn't mean they are listening but it just makes sense to leave it alone for a little while longer. How many people would follow that currently have SACD??? I know I wouldn't(though chances are my player would be upgradeable because Ed Meitner would be involved directly with the development of SACD2 and he could employ the new technology with his current line-up, this is an assumption though it would make sense due to his history with SACD and studio gear).

I hate to say it but if SACD2 comes out I am going vinyl- there I said it Twl!!