SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene

Has anyone compare / heard the SabrinaX and JA Perspective 2? 

Looking at the measurements, SabrinaX could be somewhat bright and have a recessed mid. Which speakers do you like more of? And which one would be easier to drive?


JA measurements: 



I never had connection with B&W speakers sound. They are beauty to look at but the sound never did it for me for some reason.

I listened to the SabrinaX at a local dealer last spring.  I thought they sounded excellent, but I wasn’t wowed.  The bass was fast, and there was more of it than I expected based on reviews and frequency roll off charts I’d seen.  The mids were solid, and the highs were as well, without being fatiguing.  The soundstage was wide and pretty deep.  In general, the speakers were very articulate — I felt I was hearing everything in the signal, without smearing.  The timbre was good.  Also and significantly, I didn’t perceive any weaknesses — the speakers did everything well (apart from very low bass extension, of course).  But I really wanted to be wowed, and for whatever reason I didn’t feel the magic.  Perhaps I was having a bad ear day.  I spent a couple of hours listening to some of my music, as well as music the dealer provided.  The system was solid, and tracked what I have at home, with the exception of some 5-figure speaker cables — Valhallas, I think.  

I went back to the drawing board, researched a bunch more and two weeks ago took delivery of the Perspective2 Graphene.  (Aaron at Now Listen Here has been great to work with, as was Jeff Joseph.)  I’m very happy so far.  I posted a few notes capturing my initial impressions on a thread started by Prof.  You can find that if you want more.  Actually, I strongly recommend you read the entire thread — it contains insightful commentary (by others) on a variety of speakers in the range you are looking at, including the Perspectives; I think DeVore is in the thread title.  The listening session with the SabrinaX is too far in the past to make meaningful comparisons, but I feel the magic with the Perspectives.  Or perhaps I’m feeling recency or purchase confirmation bias.  In any case it’s working for me.

I don’t think that either speaker would be a bad choice.  They are both excellent. 

Another speaker I am smitten on is Gershman Avant Garde. I like small floor standing speakers to fit into a smaller living space.

I was debating which to choose between Gershman Avant Garde and Wilson Puppy. I chose Gershman because of its size and weight. Wilson might have bigger sound, but my listening room is not that large. Gershman would need at least 100W high quality power amp. I have Plinius SA102 (125 Watts) and Quicksilver KT mono (100 Watts), but I feel a bit lack of power from both. More power like 200 Watts would make it more shine.

I never had connection with B&W speakers sound. They are beauty to look at but the sound never did it for me for some reason.

Big +1.  No emotional connection to the music — just reproduced sound in a clinical fashion.  Not for me, and I’d take JA, Wilson, Usher, Vandersteen, ProAc, or Verity Audio in a heartbeat over B&W.