Sabre dacs versus other dacs

Has anyone compared the Oppo 105d's implementation of the Sabre Dac with the Oppo Sonica's implementation of the newer 9038 Sabre Dac, with Mytek's implentation of the 9038 Sabre DAC, and anyone else's implementation of Sabre DAC's ?
In comparison to the AKM DAC's in my Bryston BDA-3 I find the Oppo's DAC harsh, with a tinny sound to
higher frequency piano notes, but with greater perceived definition of string music.
Any violin players reading this ?
Any information most welcome.
Lumin uses the Sabre Dac chips I believe
It's all in the implementation. The chip itself isn't what flavors the final sound. There's a reviewer who loves his Denafrips which is a R2R design in his main system and keeps a Jay's Audio DAC which uses a AKM chip in another system and he loves both the sounds he's getting. The sound he got from an AKM chip in a Kinki Studios DAC sounded good, but not great enough to keep around. You're going to get a lot of conflicting answers. 

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Like nonoise says, it's all in the implementation.  You ask about Mytek.  IMO, poor quality low cost power supplies.  Analog chips.  At their prices, not for me.
I have owned the Bryston DAC3 (my current DAC) and have an Oppo 105 in the system.  I used to have a Mytek Manhatten1 in the same system.  I agree with the OP in that Piano music could be unlistenable via the Mytek—just to much treble, especially with my B&W 803D speakers.  I don’t find the Oppo 105 as offensive, but I only use it as a transport.
Thanks gentlemen for your responses.
Mahler, I have B&W 802d3's so your impressions regarding DAC's employed with the 803d3's are particularly useful.
Nonoise and Melm, I am still not convinced that the major difference in
the sound of different DAC's is their implementation.  I owned a Luxman DA-06 for a few months, rued the loss of detail in folds of velvet, replaced it with the Bryston, find the Bryston still lacking in dissection of dense orchestral texture.  So is the audible 'grain' of the Oppo 105's Sabre DAC implementation just 'grain', or is it a more accurate rendition of orchestral texture and the bow-on-string violin sound ? 'Commercial' reviews notwithstanding, I find it hard to believe that the Mytek, a unit with multiple functions and retailing for $2200, employs other than cheap components and offers implementation of the newest SABRE chips comparable or superior to, for example (& which I would love to audition), the Mark Levinson 585 or 526 units.
And if, like myself, some of you have 'discovered' orchestral and operatic audio/video recordings on blu ray, you may agree that the Oppo's audio decoding of blu ray is quite good....not as good as the Bryston's decoding (it is hard to persuade the Oppo to through-put  the digital blu ray audio signal  to the Bryston when it is sending the video signal elsewhere).
Loudspeakers offering more accurate rendition of orchestral music is another subject, one I'd like to broach in another 'thread'.
One can give you the facts. But if you have beliefs that are generated by high retail prices you are at the mercy of the manufacturers.

I was writing about the Mytek Brooklyn+ which retails for about $2400. Though Mytek gives its products a USA cachet*, they are manufactured in Poland. This $2400 DAC has a switching power supply, much more inexpensively implemented than a linear one. In fact for best perfomance the manufacturer provides a power input for an expensive linear PS and one reviewer insisted that to hear it at its best it was necessary to listen with his $1000 linear supply. Also, Mytek does not use the latest Sabre 9038 chip (as, for example in the later Oppos); they use the 9028. And IIRC they use ICs in their analog section, not discrete components. That is a cost saving choice, and likely one that impacts unfavorably on SQ.

*They name them Brooklyn and Manhattan, not Śródmieście or Mokotów.

Many thanks.  Exactly the information I sought.
That said, audiophile comparison of Sabre 9038 implementations
(Oppo sonica, Levinson 585 and 526...hope that's correct)
with the wonderful Bryston BDA-3's sound (and noting that
reviews in this area are difficult or impossible to 'read),would be
extremely interesting.