Sablon Ethernet / LAN Cable

Just wanted to share my experience with this cable.

I was using Wireworld Starlight Cat 8 for a while. I was happy with it, but I had not tried any alternatives. Someone at a FB forum mentioned Sablon, so on a whim, or ordered one. It comes from UK.

I received it the other day. 

You can now call me a believer or a phool, your choice. This cable works! It significantly outperformed the Wireworld Starlight. Music sounds noticeably smoother, with quite a bit more weight. Definitely an improvement for my system.

It’s used from going from my Fiber Media Converter to my streamer/ server, an Innuos ZENith MK3.

Whoever thinks all Ethernet cables sound the same, if it ain’t broken it works, should try for themselves before dismissing everything as Snake Oil
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All you need now is a J Cat Femto Network Card and you shall not believe your ears.
Sorry @jim204 but I no longer stream from a computer 
I’m not surprised. Mark makes great cables. I own one of his digital coax cables. Very happy with it.