SA-CD/DVD-A question?

OK - so i finally buy a new CD player ( in this case a Pioneer DV-48AV Elite) .This is to feed my EAD -DSP Pro- music only system.Reason for this particular purchase was that it will play redbook CD's ,SA-CDs and DVD-Audio. Went to play a SA-CD dual layer - Pioneer switches to SA CD ( which of course it won't output thru the digi out jacks ). There does not apear to be a way to overide this auto selection and make it play the redbook CD layer? Is this true for all multi-format players or do some other manufactorers offer a product that allows you to tell the player which layer to play? Second question - but do most DVD-Audios come out ogf the digi jacks as redbook CD sampling/playback signals - in other words - can I get any digi signal out of this or any other player via digi jacks when playing DVD-Audios?
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The mode can usually be selected using the menu. The switch selection feature of the Denon players is less of a hassle. There is a "default" mode which the player uses unless you change it using the menu.
My Musical Fidelity kW SACD did not allow you to select sacd or redbook layers-no menus, no buttons. The default was to read SCAD first (which was a problem for another post). My Esoteric X03SE has an area button on the remote for selecting between 2 channel sacd, multi channel sacd or redbook. My Rotel RDV 1080 (DVDA player) only outputs DVDA through the analogue RCA output jacks - believe that is the only way any of the DVDA players can (if I understood that part of your question). I had an Ayer in my system for a test drive and it was CD/SACD/DVDA and I only have a 2 channel music room and it did play the DVDA disc into two channel, through the analogue outs. I believe it downsampled the multi channels into stereo. Didn't dound too bad but I only have 2 DVDA discs so I didn't spend much time with that.
Stop the disc and use the DVD-48s SACD button on the front panel to select CD.

I've got a Pioneer DV-58AV. Kal got the instructions right. In my system the 2-channel SACD always sounds far superior to the CD-layer. Pioneer's CD performance is average, but the SACD and DVD-A performance is very good.

I have a DV-46AV and in the players menu, you can set the default format to play (SACD 2 ch/SACD Multi/CD) I can't remember exactly what the options are but they are there-Of course the menu is only available via video-not on the display ont eh player-I really wish they had a button on the front for that. I want to use this as 2 channel source, I don't want it hooked up to video. I don't know about the DV-48AV though
Oh and BONUS--According to the blurb on the DV-48AV on Pioneer's website,
"Discover a DVD player built with HDMI® 1.2a, allowing for SACD streams to be passed to a compatible AV receiver for optimum decoding "
So you don't have to use analog outs (that'll save some $$$ on ICs)