S Video to HDMI

Hello everyone...it has been awhile since i have returned to this site. I have missed it very much...I had to take care of some family health issues...so please dont shoot me if im not up to date with everything. I have been out of it for awhile. Im a little rusty. Heres the deal...Im currently running a Lexicon mc12 into mono blocks for the sound. Im using a oppo DVD player feeding HDMI into a Optima projector for video. I purely would just like to leave the system for home theater...BUT...and thats a big BUT...my wife would like me to hook up a roku system to it. My problem is I dont have any way to hook up HDMI from the roku to the Lexicon...it only has component and s video. I guess im a little outdated. What do I do without a major upgrade? Converter? Or? Any help would be great. Thank you...and thanks for having me back....
HDMI carries video and audio signals as digital data. S video and component video are analog formats. You would need some kind of device like a key digital or other video processor/scaler that has hdmi inputs and component video output.
You need somthing like this, and HDMI to Compnent converter. $38.25 at MonoPrice.com