S-Video connection; 2 outputs - 1input

Hi folks: My problem is this: I have 1 S-Video input on my TV but have 2 components with S-Video outputs (Satalite & DVD). I need a device, splitter, 2 to 1 cable to facilitate connection. Obviously, I want it simple without running a lot of cabling and switchboxes that will degrade the signal. Any suggestions? Morbius
Entech (available thru Audio Advisor) makes a switching device that can do what you require. When faced with a similar situation, I ended up routing the video thru the A/V processor. It added alot of extra electronic circuitry and there was a minor degradation in video image, but the simplicity of the setup made it a proper solution for my situation. Good luck!
I use the Entech device and it works great. Accepts four S-video inputs. You can set it to manual and switch between the sources manually, or to auto and it will find the "hot" source and automatically switch to it. Does not seem to alter the signal.
I agree with the above posts, It's the ENTECH Director AV 4.1, I personally notice no degradation of my video signals when run through my Loewe tv and DVDO V2 line doubler combo. I also run my DVD player, Webtv,and laserdisc through it! Good luck!
There are, of course, simpler (cheaper) passive switching devices for handling multiple s-video lines. Radio Shack sells one for about $40, and I've seen the same model with a Sony brand name. There are others.