S-Video cables

Hi all,
Would like to hear from anyone who has used these s-video cables :
Bettercables Silver Serpent
Marigo Reference 2 & Marigo Ultimate
Monster M2000 HDSV
Purist Audio Design Venustas
Anyone who has other cables to recommend, appreciate your input.
Thanks to all in advance.
Synergistic Research Reference S-Video. Used Monster, Vampire, others. Now I don't think about it.
I have Transparent premium s-video. Compared it with Bettercables Silver Serpent and Monster Ultra 1000 component video cable when I am looking for a component video cable. Component video in general should be better than s-video, but the transparent premium somehow has better contrast and easy on the eye when watching "seven" and "lord of ring". The picture are more shiny and 3D but not too bright/white.

Monster Ultra 1000 component video cable is slightly clear than the transparent premium s-video, but overall my wife, her optometrist friend and I like the transparen premium better.
I also recommend Transparent Premium S-Video. For me, it made the picture very sharp and focused. You can find these cables on the used market for a good price.