S-Video Cable wont work

I bought an S-Video Cable from Radio Shack to connect my laptop to my Phillips 60 inch analog rear projection tv. I was not able to get a picture on the television. Is it the cable, or is it not possible to connect your tv to your laptop via S-Video Cable?
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My laptop requires that I hit a function key plus F5 to get video out of the video out port. What does the manual say about outputing video from the S video connector? I have a hard time believing that the cable is bad.
It should work, but you may not have all the software properly configured (I assume you're using the laptop for a DVD transport?) Don't forget, the S cable is video only, so you'll have to get the audio from the laptop to the TV using an audio cable w/ a minijack on one end and RCAs on the TV end.
I ran through the same problem. Exactly WHAT are you trying to watch on your TV? What operating system are you using? You cannot run two monitors at once, if you're using Windows XP, and will have to get into your display sub-panel. I'll try to walk you through it.
You may have to adjust your monitor settings. That connections on a lot of laptops is not live unless you turn it on. Usually a laptop is just defaulted to the built in LCD display.

Some times one of the "F" number keys at the top of the keyboard will toggle between the LCD and the external SVideo connection, and/or leave them both on.

Check your owners manual.
I don't want to play dvd's, I just want to show high resolution photos on tv that I have stored on my hard drive.

I'm still fiddling around with it....still not working yet.

Thanks to both of you above for your suggestions.

there is a setting on your laptop somewhere that will allow you to turn on the "TV-OUT" function. try right-clicking over your blamk desktop, choosing 'Display Settings' and poking around there, maybe under 'Advanced.'

you'll find it eventually, but the picture might not be what you're hoping for. S-Video doesn't compare to a computer monitor.
This may not be the case at all, but, I'll throw it out there; IMHO S video cables are poorly designed pieces of dog do do. If one is not very carefull inserting the cable(s) into the appropriate jacks the little pins tend bend and break.