s.s. preamp matchup to mccomack dna1 rev.a

I am currently using a sonic frontiers line 2 preamp with siemens tubes and a mccormack amp. My problem is my system sounds too soft or polite. Has anyone experienced a good ss preamp with their mccormack amp
Bigwave; I use an SF Line 2 with a McCormack DNA2 Rev.A (Vand. 5 spkrs.) and don't find the combination soft at all-- laid back yes, but also pretty neutral and dynamic. It's my guess that it's more likely an interconnect or speaker cable issue in your case. Either can have a significant affect on especially a soft versus dynamic presentation. FWIW, I use Syn. Res. Phase 2 (Kaleidoscope from pre-amp to amp) w/active shield ICs, and Syn. Res. Sig. #2 copper cables known for their slight warmth. What else is in your system?

Also, I tried a pair of Seimens tubes in the driver positions of my Line 2 and found the music presentation to be overly big, diffuse, and "bloomy". The stock Sovteks are much more neutal, albeit a bit cool, but in my system other things make up for that. Good Luck. Craig
I have the DNA-2 LAE in my 2-channel system and I'm using a Primare P30 pre/pro (100% analog in 2-channel by-pass mode.

I've A/B compared the P30 with a burned-in Ayre k3-x preamp in my home. The P30 was much more transparent and detailed with less coloration. However, the k3-x was sweet and a bit more musical but at a great cost.

I've also compared the P30 in my home with a CJ PV-14 and an Electrocompaniet. There was no comparison. The CJ and Electro were warm but simply way too subdued.

The Primare P30 retails for around $3500.

You should also look at installing some dedicated lines for all your components, especially for the amp. This will certainly help make your system more robust.
Try out an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamp. It has a long history of being one of the finest preamps for use with McCormack amps. They form a real synergy. If you only need line applications(no phono), try the Audible L-2 line stage or a used L-1. The AL preamps are very dynamic and are some of the best-period.
The rest of my system consist of a metronome tubed cd player, jm labs 920.1 speakers and acoustic zen silver reference ic's, satori shotgun speakercable and tsunami pc's. I figure it is going to be a matter of trial and error but need some direction. I will look in to audible illusions I didn't know they had good synergy with mc
i run a dna-1 and modulus l1 and am extremely happy with the combination. very dynamic
Big: Craig's suggestions are worth trying - synergy issues are often simply a matter of finding the right cabling. Also experiment with different upgrade AC cords; no two sound the same. It's sometimes easier to tune the equipment that you have thjat to replace it. Find the right cables to get the sound that you desire. Other tweaks: cones footers isolation shelving can all be used to good effect regarding the issues that you mention.
what about an old McCormack TLC1? There was a synergy going on there when I heard them. Right now, I use a Purest Sound Systems passive control unit with a DNA 0.5, and I'm happy with the match. Before doing anything, I say take Garfish's cable/IC suggestion. I've considered dumping components before when ICs, speaker cables were the issue.
I'd check your cable compatibility also.I use my DNA 1 rev A with a Pass Labs Aleph L with fantastic results.
If you're not after embellishment you might do well to check out Placette preamps--very, very transparent and reasonable if you can go passive.