s-s integrateds just on the warm side of neutral

I'd be curious to hear which makes and models members would put in this category: quality solid-state integrateds that are just a little more "forgiving" and a little less "relentless" or "ruthless" than the norm. I'm not talking seriously euphonic, just a little on the warmer side of the neutral line.

I'm thinking pieces like the Ayre AX-7e, Plinius 9200 (?).

What others?
Resolution S50. Closer to neutral but more warm than analytic. Actually I would classify it as accurate and musical. Norma is there too, but with more power, bass control, and openness.
Let me also add trhe Modwright to the list. And to clarify, I am talking 1 or 2 clicks off neutral to warm.
More "forgiving" etc. is a sonic signature result derived from a system synergy alchemy forged by ALL of
- amp,
- source,
- speakers and
- cables (again, all of ICs, speaker and power)
- listening environment acoustics

To attempt to bifurcate this into just one component (fuhgeddaboud a specific brand within that component class itself) ain't gonna get you there.

SYSTEM synergy matters - big-time. Because of the above listed input factors, Just because Brand X that sounds "good" in one guy's system, is of NIL assurance that it will perform in yours.

For these reasons, I wouldn't recommend any blind purchase choice based on any blog response here that are just anecdotal and heavily biased value judgements pushing their own faves that ignore the factors above.

Do your own homework that includes personal auditions (in-home loaners from a quality bricks and mortar dealer or fellow hobbyist amigo preferred)