s.s.amp recommendations.

putting together a second system,need amp recommendations.will be using aes ae-3 tube pre.,adcom gcd-750 cd.,totem arro's or green mt.europa's spkrs,10" sub.all these are waiting for an amp.budget about 600.00 used.marsh a200 is only one i have considered to date.this will be a low level[volume]system for jazz.any suggestion with these components in mind[particularly ae-3]would be appreciated.
How about a Khartago amp by Odyssey Audio?
There web address is www.odysseyaudio.com.and this amp can be viewed under www.odysseyaudiosg.com. The amp is also sold in U.S. , just does not show under U.S. web site yet..
You can reach the owner Klaus by e-mail at odav@odysseyaudio.com...
The amp is $775.00 , but that is brand new with 20 year warranty i beleive..
Good Luck,
Used Conrad Johnson Sonographe for 400 to 500 on the SA250. Killer amp for the money.
Same as above,cj sonographe 250,you wont find ,as far as used goes,any thing that comes close,and the price a absolute bargin,keep an open they are for sale every once in a while.
Look at the older Aragon amps. Solid, powerful, well-built amps, in my opinion. I own several of the 8008 series and really enjoy them. Just my 2 cents. :o)
Innersound amps have an excellent sound. Extremely smooth and will drive any speaker. Do a search in the planar asylum at AA. Many happy users. Great reviews too.
I suggest the McIntosh MC7100. Great little amp that loves jazz and will mate properly with the rest of your gear and tastes.