S-F users: any successful sub matings out there?

I have enjoyed my Verity Fidelios, but when I added the Hsu TN1220 (w/250w/amp)...bliss. Being a sufferer from audiophilia nervosa, I couldn't leave well enough alone: they're gone.
I couldn't live w/any system and give up the lower octaves any more. I'm strongly considering SF Homages and wonder if anyone has experience mating them w/subs? My knowledge of electrical engineering theory is zero: what compatability concerns must I consider? (Amp will be changed soon after speaker acquisition).
My Spartan system will be an Accuphase DP-75v direct to Classé DR-8, using ProSilway II IC.
*drive* the Amati well (I don't know your dr-8),
*place* them correctly,
*treate* the room as far as you can, and
*check out speaker *cable*...
BEFORE you invest in a sub. You'll get many returns for your efforts. The Amati are supposed to go down to ~35Hz in a room, if you play yr cards well. THEN, if you're still not satisfied, try S_F's own sub -- or any other that can play classical music well: S-F use classical music (a lot) to tune their speakers.
Thanks, Greg, I believe the Homage (jeez, S-F's web page sucks!) has a bit less bottom than the Amati, so your advice would apply but with perhaps more necessity for, eventually, a sub. I can't find anything on S-F subs. Are they powered? Price?
Jayme, yes they're active. As to price I don't know... Any way you can try the "small" Audio Physics sub, or the middle REL? I'm extrapolating here as I've only heard the S-F, the A-Physics Luna & the big Rel, play with the Amati in a biggish, treated room (I liked the Luna & S-F best). Remember the room was big & treated: s/thing like 35Lx18Wx15H. Cheers!
I own a pair of Guarneri Homage. Depending on what type of music you listen to and how large you room is, you might not need a sub. They go surprisingly low in-room on their own (usable output down to 40 Hz or so). However, adding a sub makes a big improvement, and adding a second sub takes you up to a whole other level. I am sugin a pari of REL Strata III's, chosen because of their sealed box design and speed. They are a VERY good match w/ the Guarneri's, integrating beautifully in all respects. Biggest impac is not so much in the bottom octave (though they will of course do taht), but rather in soundstagin, and midrange/treble "clarity". The second sub was a revelation, really opening up the soundstage.