S.F. Stradivari vs Dynaudio Temptation

My friend Konstantine has this dilemma, let's help him decide, but strictly and only between these 2 speakers.
The amplifiers will be Krell Evo series.
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Ok this is memory taxing.

Lets see the Strads are 40K are you sure these are the only 2 choices. What kind of music does your friend listen to? What are they looking for in a speaker? What kind of sound do they like?

I have only heard the Strads at the dealers not in my system. But I have spent probably a total of 8 hours with them using Musical Fidelity pre/amp. One front end was the Tri-Vista SACD and the other was a Project RM6 TT with a Sumiko Blue Point Special cart. Cabeling Audio Quest model unknown. Power cables unknown.

My over all impression of the strad are they a very nice speaker but not worth 40k. I might change my mind now that the dealer has had Rives come in and re-design the listening room that they were in. In my hours with the strad no matter what music was played the bass was muddy. The mids and highs were very nice and detailed.

Cant comment on the Temptation
I have the Strad's & will die with them!
both are nice speakers and if both are properly set-up with the right acoustics the results would be very good.

personally having lived with both families of those speakers i'd probably opt for the dynaudio.

i heard these once at a dealers showroom with nice acoustics and i liked the sound a lot.
If your friend can't decide which of these completely different sounding speakers he likes the sound of better... I would recommend he pick a hobby that he understands
Goatwuss is I were me I'd choose S.F. but my friend explore any possibilities and all views are welcome.

Cast your votes.