S.F Line 3 vs. S.F - SFL2

After 6 years without system I am planning to start building a new one. The first component is going to be pre-amp.Has anybody compared these two? Both have good second hand prices(SFL2 can be found for about $1000-$1200).Any advice?
Also, I am looking for any web site where I can find SFL 2 review.
Thanks for your time.
go for a SF LIne 3
much beefier power supply

line2 is similiar to line 1 with tube upgrade
i have an SFL2 in a secondary system. i was told that the line 3 was not as musical. i have a friend with aline 3 i will bring it over and compare myself.
I've auditioned both these pre-amps in home each for several days. The Line 3 is very neutral musically, whereas the SFL2 is more rich, a bit warmer, more "tubey", and IMO is the best sounding pre-amp SF has made. But, the Line 3 has many more features such as an excellent remote control and headphone section, and has finer volume control.

Thus far I have chosen to stay with my Line 2 though as it has all the features of the Line 3 and is also very neutral. The Line 3 as noted above does have a really beefy power supply, ie twice as big as the Line 2s. If possible, you should audition both these fine pre-amps. BTW, the Line 2 is a different (newer) pre-amp than the SFL2-- the model numbers can be confusing. Good Hunting. Craig.