S.F. Guarneri Evolution


I have a set of S.F. Amati Anniversarrio and love the sound from them. But they are a bit to big for my room. Even with DaaD basstraps and other room treatment.
I have the last 8-9 month tried hundreds of placements for the speakers, but the bass is always a bit to boomy.
I wont sat that i lack power, because my Pass Labs 100.5 should be strong enough.

My room i 4 by 5 meters with brick walls and a old wood`n floor.

So my thought was to sell the Amati Anniversarios and get the Guarneri Evo`s instead.
I just have one concern about the G. Evos.......... I listen to a lot of difference music and a lot of old classic rock and sometime i like to play a bit loud.
Will these "small" bookshelf speaker deliver enough bass/power to me and my room.

The Amaties are to big and boomy, but will the G. Evo`s be to small and will i miss bass with them????
Pierre1976, I think that the GE's are in many ways better speakers than the Amati Anniversarios. I think you would enjoy the more precise imaging, better high freq air and the ability of the speaker to be more precise in its portrayal of timbres. As to the possible loss in the lower freq's, well one could always add a high quality sub. I would definitely go with the GE's IF budget allows.
IMO, in a home environment, it is impossible to predict the bass response of a speaker without trying it. In my room, the small Opera Callas monitors had a much better low end response than the much larger Harbeth SHL5s or the Totem Forest. It's pure luck of how the speaker will interact with the room and reinforce or cancel frequencies, resulting in either boom, thinness or well-balanced response. Try to home demo if possible.
Hello Folks i am done, you could go in "REVIEW" to get a look to my modest appreciation of the SONUS FABER EVOLUTION.
Nice setup ;-) Your room looks quite big, is there a reason why you have chosen the Guarneri Evo instead of a bit bigger speaker?
Hello Pierre my previous speakers where the Egglestonwork ANDRA 3 (not bad speaker). But even if my living room look quiet big 23 X 23 (irregular) . I live in a small condo 1,200 square foot i do not want to disturb my neighbours anymore.
Maybe too much bass going out of the ANDRA 3. Also i feel the sound to be a bit too much call it in your face or on the analytical side. This is the reason why i mostly choose the PAD cabling. Now i would not say it is better but let's say more finesse and delicacy in the sound a bit more laid back. I do not feel i am lacking low octave except for certain type of music like rock or electronic music, but the voices and mid range are to die. Believe me the EVOLUTION fill the room with ease the way i don't miss any sub woofer. I think little good monitor image better than larger speaker and they have also the tendancy to disappear like pure phantom....