S.E.T. Amp DIY Kits

Anyone with any experience as to who makes a great sounding in a DIY kit; either stereo or mono-bloc. I am interested in taking on this project but do not know much about who makes a great sounding amp in kit form.Also any information concerning speakers that these amps will drive is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chuck
Bottlehed (Eletronic Tonealities).
Bottlehead: well established, well made, good sounding, good prices, wide variety of well known mods, very active support forums, a very good place to start.

Wavelength maintains a list of compatible speakers.
Welborne Labs provides great kits, excellent service, and reasonable pricing... http://www.welbornelabs.com/
Audio Note has a number of excellent tube kits starting with a ten watt push/pull amp for a reasonable sum going up to a parallel 300b single ended unit putting out 18 watts.
Hi Chuck,

as far a DYI kits, you may wish to check out Decware. Only consideration is that they are not for beginers. These amps sound awsome! as far a efficient speakers, the Hornshoppe Horn is a great choice for flee power if you have 2 conrners to put them in. Stereo Review recently did a review of them and were very impressed.

good luck,Paul