S. Cal. POWER ...??

Any listeners in S. California ? I just moved here, and am wondering about the power. The other day my lights were flickering - pulsating really, and I thought, what might this affect in my stereo? I never thought I would consider buying something like the $1500 Moster Cable Power generator but I am wondering now if it might help. There are times when the stereo sounds a bit brittle, but since I just moved here I don't have much frame of reference yet to make judgments.
Can anybody shed some light or offer experiences/opinion?
Hi Jimmy,

I live in Redondo Beach and up until last year I lived in a 5 unit townhouse building and found that that the power left something to be desired. I think it had to do with so many households on a common feed from the street. I think my power was being corrupted by my neighbor's refrigerators and other appliances. I tried out the Monster power generator and didn't like it. I then tried the Exactpower power regenerator and found it to be a real improvement. I then coupled the Exactpower with a Richard Gray 400 and found my system to be acceptable.

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I live in Playa del Rey, just north of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Power here is stable except for during some thunderstorms. I have not put a meter to it but I do not get the kind of strobing and flickering you describe. As a life long resident of LA I can tell you that what you are experiencing is anything but the norm. My guess is that it is highly localized.

I do run an Equitech on my 2 channel system and a small Balanced Power unit for my HT rig. The HT rig uses Harmonic Tech PCs that Jim updated with the latest Furu stuff. The 2 channel rig uses a combination of Whale, VH Cryo 4 and Stealth PCs - no method to the madness, just madness =) Both conditioners are plugged into Porterports.

Through some bizarre luck, the people who built this place put circuits everywhere - so effectively I have a dedicated 20a circuit for each rig. In addition, the computers are heavily isolated through APC UPS back up units

Only real complaint is an intermittent squawking which i attribute to some security type at the airport keying a mic or using radar. I talked to my ham buddy across the street and he gets exactly the same thing. Nothing gets rid of it - for what its worth it shows up least in the BPC system

It's a problem. But, by listening at night I avoid most of the problems that I encounter during the daytime. I have not enjoyed the music as much when a power conditioner has been in line, although I have by no means tried them all.
I live in Southern Cal. I bought a cheapie panamax that has an LED display of voltage, I noticed big voltage drops during the day but was getting regular voltage at night, even with no equip. plugged in. So yes, the power is not very good here. You might want to get a cheap filter that has a meter and watch the power levels for a week or so before making a big investment.

I got a PS audio regenerator, much better than monster IMO.