Ryan R630 or Spendor D7

I'm using a McIntosh MAC6700 integrated amp and I had the chance to audition both the Ryan R630 and Spendor D7 speakers with the MAC.  Although they were different, I could easily live with either since I enjoyed both models.

My room is 12ft x 14ft (3.6m x 4.2m) and was wondering which of the two would be a better fit for my room.  The speakers would have roughly 1.5ft (0.45m) of space behind it.



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I contacted both Ryan and Spendor and both told me that their speakers would work great in my room & with my MAC.

Then, I proceeded to re-audition both speakers (2 different dealers) and I seem to be leaning more towards the Ryan R630 speakers.

They are not as "pretty" as the Spendor D7 but they have a really nice, round, lovely sound with great detail, wide soundstage, sweet midrange, non-fatiguing treble (highs) with a deep/well-controlled bass despite their 38Hz rating.  They are really special speakers.

Too bad they don't use a black acoustic felt material around their tweeters so that it would blend in better with the speaker's black front.  I asked Ryan about it but they told me that the material they have tested & use only comes in that color.  They apparently tried tinting (dying) the material but couldn't get a nice and even finish.