Ryan R630 or Spendor D7

I'm using a McIntosh MAC6700 integrated amp and I had the chance to audition both the Ryan R630 and Spendor D7 speakers with the MAC.  Although they were different, I could easily live with either since I enjoyed both models.

My room is 12ft x 14ft (3.6m x 4.2m) and was wondering which of the two would be a better fit for my room.  The speakers would have roughly 1.5ft (0.45m) of space behind it.


My thoughts that may help, or not:
1) Both are great lines.
2) Stereophile published their measurements of the D7
3) I think Ryan tweeters are less likely to be bright in near field, although may be total non-issue with Spendors.  I have heard only the D9 as well as all Ryans a number of times. The HF is much easier to "treat" than the lows post purchase of course.
4) I would call Ryan and ask what model is most appropriate for your room setup. It may be the R620,  which actually has a more similar configuration to the D7 than the R630, or even the R610 with sub. Overloading bass can bring down the whole deal and  cap your listening level.  

I heard both those models at the RMAC in Denver this year. Excellent selection, I think you will either way have a great system. Enjoy!

I contacted both Ryan and Spendor and both told me that their speakers would work great in my room & with my MAC.

Then, I proceeded to re-audition both speakers (2 different dealers) and I seem to be leaning more towards the Ryan R630 speakers.

They are not as "pretty" as the Spendor D7 but they have a really nice, round, lovely sound with great detail, wide soundstage, sweet midrange, non-fatiguing treble (highs) with a deep/well-controlled bass despite their 38Hz rating.  They are really special speakers.

Too bad they don't use a black acoustic felt material around their tweeters so that it would blend in better with the speaker's black front.  I asked Ryan about it but they told me that the material they have tested & use only comes in that color.  They apparently tried tinting (dying) the material but couldn't get a nice and even finish.   

It is a little bit late but I agree with Agiaccio :)
I have listened both speakers . I have also preferred R630 's.
Spendor D7 was not good enough if we compare with R630's. 
I believe the Ryan speakers are one of the best at this price range.
They are very sensitive to equipment and you can really hear the differences/nuances of each added equipment. Before this speakers I could not hear the differences so obviuosly when I tested some equipment.
The sound of R630 is exceptional and to exceed this kind of music reproduction I believe someone has to spend a lot of money.They are really excellent speakers. Before I decided to buy R630 I have spend a lot of time to listen and compare speakers in different price categories. There are very rare speakers at this price range which can reach the sound quality of R630's. Really enjoy my speakers.