Ryan 610,Sonus Faber Veneer 2.0 & Fritz Carbon

I narrowed my search down to these 3 monitors. Any opinions welcome good or bad. I will be using a rogue cronus magnum. I listen to rock,Jazz& blues guitar. Thanks
The Ryan is excellent. Meet him at AXPONA last week. He knows his stuff. Cannot comment on the other two. In general I find Sonus Faber to be too polite (laid back and warm), for my tastes.
Ryan is a good speaker. SF is a sonic match for Rogue Audio gear.
Which brand(s) of cabling, most important, are you using?
jafant Im using some home made silver interconnects Ive had for a while and 9 gauge speaker cabling which Ive had good luck with. made by Rouge (not rogue audio) basically carne wire in a nice jacket.
The Ryan will do really well, the SF Venere 2.0 too.  I've heard both the Harbeth P3SER and the Focal 1008Be sound absolutely spectacular.
If it were me, I'd go with the Focal and some good copper cables like AP or Shunyata or better still the new Lessloss C-Marc.
Disclaimer, I am a dealer for Ryan Speakers. The Ryan r610 hits way above its weight class. Have compared them directly to a lot of monitors 2000 and up to 3,000 and they really are Musical and match well with a lot of gear.  Excellent coherence with realistic dynamics and real tonal shading.  No artifical "detail" or leading edge "hype".  Just musical expression.   I use Nerve Audio cables in my demo rig with the r610s and they are a hybrid of silver and copper.  Not over priced snake oil marketing either.  That goes for Ryan  and Nerve Audio.
I also sell Rogue Audio and run the Cronos Magnum Ii with the r610s regularly.  Love those kt 120s!