Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt - A Meeting By The River IS AMAZING!

This album as issued by Analogue Productions on 45 RPM 2LP is worth every penny.
It’s simply one of the best sounding recordings I have ever heard. It’s like the music surrounds you while listening and all sense of audio gear disappears. Not only the SQ though, the quality of the music being performed is just wonderful. There’s also a great story of how this project came together detailed in the liner notes.
Several threads have been posted asking what’s the best recording to show off your system. This is mine.
Also, I loved this LP so much that I also purchased the Analogue Productions super hi-rez download of it. I was surprised and disappointed to find that the hi-rez version is not even close to the LP in SQ.
I cannot recommend this pressing more strongly. Get it while you can! Also, I will add I have no vested interest in promoting this other than sharing the joy of discovery. Cheers

Agreed. For another sonic treat, take a listen to Cooder's Paris, Texas soundtrack.
The CD is very good, but the music is not compelling enough for me to buy another format.  Everything on Water Lily sounds great, although the music is a bit esoteric. 
As @chayro alluded to, the album was originally issued on Water Lily Records, master recording engineer Kavi Alexander's label. That pressing of the LP also sounds amazing. 
I agree it is an amazing recording the CD sounds great too. Hope someone releases a more reasonable lp version till then I'm very happy with the CD
I got mine, played it, love it,

however, it is not well balanced, a perfect example of the benefit of remote balance control from your listening position.

I needed to boost the left channel a few clicks, more than a speck. 

a. boosted Ry up as V.M Bhatt was much louder on right channel

b. moved imaging of two drummers, they became properly distinct from each other.

I thought: maybe it's my system, put on Cassandra Wilson, voice rock center as always, 3 guitatists, distinct and balanced which only happens when everything is right, put Ry and V.M. back on, needed left channel boosted, it's the recording.
A shame it is not on Qobuz yet so I can get a feel for the music before spending a lot.

Might buy a used CD at $5 to test it out.

this gives you info about the music content. trust everybody, it is a superb quality recording


as I said, I boosted the left channel some.

I actually forgot it was 45rpm, and put it on for Donna, still set for 33. After a short while I figured it out, but let it finish the side. It's amazing how good it sounds at that slower speed, no vocals, and high speed guitars and drums played 25% slower, funny, one drum seriously altered, reminds you of some Sgt. Pepper's sound effects.
I pulled this up on Qobuz the other night on the recommendation of this thread. I found it to be a really good recording via a stream. I am very tempted to get this on vinyl.