RWO/Fostex LS3

Anyone have listen to RWO/Fostex LS before? How do they compare to other speakers like JBL?
The RWO/Fostex Laboratory Series monitors were demonstrably superior to virtually all studio monitors of the day including JBL.


Do you have a pair of these speakers? If so, treat them with respect. The huge problem with them is that after 30+ years there are no replacement parts available.

The drivers for the speakers were handmade and there are NO comparable units available today. If you blow a tweeter diaphragm, for example, you have just toasted the whole pair! :(

The recording studio market shifted dramatically in the last years with digital workstations predominating. Small self-powered "near-field" monitors now used almost exclusively (to the detriment of quality recordings IMHO!!)

They very rarely are listed but I cannot think of better performing monitors.

NB. If you have a pair that are "broken", I'd be interested in buying the parts to complete repairs on a couple units.
I do have a very nice pair of these speakers.  Awesome things.