RVG "the best" RIP

I wanted to share about the loss of Rudy Van Gelder. Those of us in our hobby that also listen to Jazz understand. The joys of my own personal "sometimes alchemy" experimenting with audio gear were never so rewarded as when I spun a Blue Note, Prestige, Impulse, CTI or the other record labels that Rudy was the engineer for. It's almost as if most our audio buzzwords were created to describe the life like sounds of those recordings. Yesterday, upon hearing of his death I put on a Mile's Quintet record, then Art Blakey, Paul Desmond. Gary McFarland, Paul Chambers etc etc. The great American music was recorded by Rudy in a way which made me appreciate my audio system and how good it could sound. I personally listen to many different styles of music and there are other fantastic recording engineers, mastering engineers etc but when I wanted to try out a new piece of gear, my true test was to play an original press RVG recording. He was and will remain a key part in my personal exploration of music and the equipment I use to enjoy it. RIP RVG and thank you.   
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Thank You! RVG- R.I.P.
Rudy used tube equipment to record with. Neumann mikes with tube pres built in. Combine the all tube equipment recorded to tape, his genius and some of the greatest jazz musicians to ever record and you have a great legacy. Quite the career that has enriched us all