Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again

I decided to risk it, Russian, no return. (he accepted my $400. offer, so $500. delivered).

Gives me tubes in my office system.

I just read something:

People don’t want advice, just confirmation

I’m not looking for either (this time), just thought some of you would find it funny and wish me luck.

I’m 72, it may arrive before my 75th birthday
Reading the information in the Link, the Pre appears to be a Clone based around a Kondo Design.

Whether the Kondo and this Design Purchased are anything like each other in SQ might not be discovered.

The Info on the Phonostage is quite limited, so that if used will have to be a suck it and see affair.

As for Retro Japanese, the designs usually lean towards a richness in a presentation.
If not controlled it can have a Weighty Bass to Overwhelming Bass Bloom, either of these present, can produce a Subdued Mid and High.

Looking at the 6N23P EV these types are known to not over emphasize the Frequencies when assessing for SQ.
The user reports are that these Tubes are usually performing as very well balanced throughout the frequencies.

Maybe (an assumption)  the Pre's Builder has chose to use Tubes that are going to be a little more lean and balanced in their presentation,
resulting in offering  a tighter Bass Note that will be a little more transparent. 
I'm sure the reports on usage will reveal the SQ of the Pre'.

If Tube Rolling is off interest, the 6N23P and 6N23P EV are a little different and are not direct swaps.
I discovered this as I was looking to extend a Tube Roll on a Phonostage to 6N23P Tubes vs 6922 and E88CC.         
If you want Russian get Lamm from Vladimir. That thing looks like crap, there is electricity involved, be careful.
In all my dealings throughout the world, including Russia and China and Japan, I have never had a single problem. Most people are good.
Looks like something Stereophile would have fawned over back in the 90s. That's not an insult; I own an a Audible Illusions tube pre from that era and won't part with it. I love that "low production" look. 
    Hope the gamble pays off. Let us know!

I'm unsure about the meaning of "The power supply is linear, designed for the primary voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz Perhaps under the order another voltage", mentioned twice - does that mean you had the option of requesting another voltage?  Well, if it works out, great; if not, you're only out at the most $550.  As with most Chinese goods, if it breaks you have to fix it yourself or throw it away.

Don't say anything important around it - it might be listening (and might be sharing information with Siri and Alexa).
I was looking at the toroidal transformer for some wiring information.  Hoping for good news.  Noticed:  Boy, that one tube is really close to the transformer.  And behind the transformer are the output jacks.  Also very closely mounted.  Here's my head scratcher.  Must be technology I'm not familiar.  How does the signal get from the output board to the output jacks?