Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again

I decided to risk it, Russian, no return. (he accepted my $400. offer, so $500. delivered).

Gives me tubes in my office system.

I just read something:

People don’t want advice, just confirmation

I’m not looking for either (this time), just thought some of you would find it funny and wish me luck.

I’m 72, it may arrive before my 75th birthday
Reasonable gamble for a relatively low price. Only advice I have is I would not hook directly into your main system right away. If you have some spar components that you don't care about then feed into them first and see how it goes.
High Gm tubes like 5687 and 6922 types are “goofball”?
Uh, for the money, It looks well worth the gamble. Nice find.
I concur with the earlier post about there being no such thing as “no returns” on eBay no matter what the seller’s policy says. eBay is very buyer focused with potections. The say that they have Seller Protection. But that is a load of cr@p. If you change you mind on this Russian amp, take a look at any number of quality tube amps made in China. I just bought a 300B tube Chinese amp on Amazon. Got it with Prime shipping in 2-3 days. I couldn’t be happier. Plus if I didn’t like they would likely have me drop it off at my local Kohl’s. Oh, and that amp with tax cost me $800. 
I bought a Conrad Johnson tube amp from a guy in central Russia. Took it 1 week to make it west to the Norwegian border. It took 3 more weeks to make it to my doorstep. The guy did an expert job packing it. Not even the separately packed tubes had a scratch on them. $475.

So, there’s hope!