Russian 1587 tubes

Hi guys,

I have tried many different 6sn7 tubes even the Tungsol
round plate (known as the "Holy Grail" of tubes) but I
have now found the best - Russian Military 1587 -
These tubes are incredible the best of the best my system
now sounds so good everything is real and life even my
German shepeard thought that there was a fly buzzing around last night (me too for a few seconds) These tubes deliver everything, soundstage, presence, air, detail, warmth, life,
beautiful tight deep bass and the range is limitless -
I am using Cary 306 professional to DBX to Cary 300 SEI to
Tannoy 15" Berkleys with Tannoy ST-200 super tweeters.
Inter-connects are all Tyr balanced and Tyr Speaker biwired
speaker cables. Power cords are all Lessloss -
I hope that this is good info for all you tubies.
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I have on its way in the Post and will report back if indeed what you say is true.

I hope you are right.
I assume you mean 1578 and not 1587. Yes, these surpass all NOS Raytheon, Sylvania, RCA, and new production types that I have tried. Authoritative, neutral across FR, detailed, smooth.
what a great system photo you took! I may try the 1578 but am enamored with the Ken-Rad VT 231 (staggered plates)
Larry, I had been planning to try Ken Rad and am considering purchase from ebay below. Is this type of tube what you recommend?
The 1578 is far inferior to the TS RP. No contest. Not even close.

My TS RP is also microphonic and it still beats the living snot out of the 1578.

End of story.
"beats the living snot out of..."

Now that's splitting hairs.

I bet the fly buzzing around was a real live fly and not the sound coming off your system. The 1578 is a piece of .... next to the TS RP.

Are you really sure you are listening to a TS RP when you A/B the two tubes???????

My Sylvania W Metal beats the pants off the Russian tube.
Hi guys 

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I bought a lot of nearly 300 of those Russian 6SN7's, I marketed them, under the nick-name of "Russia Solders" because they were military tubes, but they were too hot or had to much 
gain. I had them in a three 6SN7 tube based Cary Audio pre-amp.

The best pure 6SN7 GTB is the Hitachi 6SN7 with carbonized black plates, they were made on Mullard equipment purchased by Hitachi, stay away from the same tube in gray plates.

The best 6SN7 is not a 6SN7 it's a pair of 6J5-GT / 6J5-G, each of which equals half a 6SN7,
You can buy already made adapters on EBay, which convert two 6J5's into a single 6SN7,
so you need a quad to make a pair. I believe that the 6SN7 was created for economic reasons, but I believe it was a step backwards for high-end audio because I believe that a single triode in a bottle is better than two triodes in the same bottle as in a 6SN7.

It's really difficult to find NOS quads, but I have several and at least a hundred more tubes consisting of pairs or 3 of a kind, I hope to find the pairs and singles necessary to make more quads. It's as stupid as drawing one card to make an inside straight in poker, but I love the tubes.