RUSH Snakes and Arrows DVD Live

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to view this new concert video. The sound is incredible, they did an excellent job on the mix. The video quality is top notch. But what can I say it is Rush and that pretty much guarantees perfection every time.
I have not seen the video, although I have enjoyed Rush many times in concert. Unfortunately, I think that the music/lyric quality on Snakes and Arrows is abysmal, the worst Rush album ever!
ghost rider, i agree; most impressive is the audio quality. by far their finest concert dvd in terms of recording quality, especially compared to rio; r30 comes in 2nd. of course, since i was able to attend the local s&a venue, that may have something to do with my impressions. even the live concert that i attended sounded phenominal without any distortion frequently associated with rock concerts - they have very impressive gear! still, listening @ home in either surround or stereo puts one in the front row - actually better than front row! audio is perfect on the dvd. btw, perfect musicianship from musicians musicians. couldn't ask for more - thanks alex, neil, & geddy.
Snakes And Arrows musically I think is something of a return to form. I find Thsalmon's comments baffling-it is far superior to Vapor Trails and is arguably their best album for decades.
I agree with Ben. Vapor Trails was, ouch, a Rick Rubin style recording made when it was popular for recordings to be "noisy." Metallic's St. Anger was similar. Rush has made some fantastic recordings and they have a wide body of work available to compare. Snakes and Arrows is not bad soundwise.
Yup I have to agree about the recording of Vapor Trails, a little to noisy for sure. Unfortunate as this is one of my favorite albums ever! Incredible writing and incredible playing. Have any of you heard Snakes and Arrows on vinyl??
i hav s&a on vinyl and i really enjoy it almost as much as i enjoy the mvi surround version. there is just something nostalgic about listening to rush on vinyl even though it is a digitally mastered recording. it is far superior to the cd, but the mvi is only slightly better than the vinyl.
Yes, I have the MVI and enjoy that two. It sure would be nice if they rereleased all the Rush on Hi Rez and Vinyl. By the sounds of it you probably have Permanent Waves on vinyl too. What a treat that one is. I sure would like to see A farewell to kings redone. I listened to the vinyl version last night, this one would be awesome. I think my original copy may be a little worn.
LOL; I can certainly understand a worn copy of almost any RUSH album. Yes, I actually do have Permanent Waves on vinyl and incidentally, it is number 2112! How is that for a collectors item?! I haven't yet played it since I also got it in the Gold CD version too. One other album I acquired on MOFI Gold CD is Moving Pictures. It definitely sounds better than regular CD. Still, my copy of MP on vinyl - Japanese Virgin Vinyl is more pleasing to my ears.
I also hope to see all of RUSH re-released on either vinyl or hi-rez - that would be too cool. Maybe we can send the trio a petition! I'm sure it couldn't hurt. In any case, I still enjoy listening to them on the current formats.
I can not believe you have the 2112 numbered version of this. You lucky duck!! Hold on to that one it will be worth as much as 0001 some day if not more...

I have all the mofi gold cds, not sure if you had a chance to check out my little theater but it is a total dedication to rush.
I have checked it out - very cool btw! I especially like the Test for Echo picture! Do you have a source for the pics?

Which MOFI CD's do you have? I only started to collect MOFI recordings within the last year or two. I had to bid rather high for a preowned sealed Moving Pictures MOFI, but in the end I am glad to have won the bid and have it in my collection!

Yeah, I could not believe it myself; I was stunned when I saw the number 2112!
The pics are all custom made here locally for me. I have taken posters and did whats called a canvas transfer. The Test for Echo on was a promo poster I got when the album came out from a record store. The other TFE was one I actually tore off the hoarding down town Vancouver when I was walking back from the concert.

I believe the 2112 print is still available here, I would have to check though.

I have the three mofi's Moving Pics Signals and 2112. As well I have the new permanent waves mofi on cd and vinyl.
Picked this up yesterday. The band continues to improve the sound quality of their DVD's. I watched it twice last night. S&A's is the best studio album they have come out with in 10yrs. Back to basics. After, I threw in the Exit...Left DVD to bring me back in time....You can never have too much RUSH.. A true band, over thirty yrs together and a catalog of work that most bands of today could never dream of accomplishing!

Glad to hear you enjoyed S&A as well. I'm having a bunch of friends over tonight to watch/listen to the entire concert @ full volume! My neighbors are going to hate me and my system is going to be stress tested. Just glad there is an intermission.

ESL is still my very favorite live CD of all time, even of all of RUSH. Yet I can't help but wonder why the DVD is not a full on concert, with all the interruptions and edited songs. I was disappointed when I acquired Replay x3. RUSH needs to remaster ESL on both CD and DVD!

Btw, I too can never have too much from the most talented trio of rock musicians on the planet.

The original ESL footage was actually taken from both the Permanent Wave and Moving Picture tours for both the album and the video which first came out on VHS. I agree there is too much talking and editing. I saw them at Madison Sq Garden on the S&A tour, they are one of the few bands that deliver in the studio and live...
I caught this tour live back in June. Excellent concert! They played all of this album and most all of their biggest hits. I'll be getting my Snakes and Arrows DVD real soon!
to all you loyal rush fans; look out for "rush - beyond the lighted stage" in theaters this summer - 2010!!!