Rush remasters- thumbs up.

The thread about drummers reminded me of this.
I've been picking up a few of the recently released remasters of classic Rush albums- so far I have "Caress of Steel", "2112", and "A Farewell to Kings". The sound is very good, and the price is usually less than newly released cds. It's been fun "rediscovering" this band, and I recommend these remasters if you like Rush.
For fans who are interested in the meaning of the songs, here's a site with an interesting interpretation:
Did these albums come out on vinyl too?
Farewell to Kings and Caress of Steel on mint, heavy vinyl would be almost enough to make me resurrect my TT, buy a phono preamp, and

Aww, who am I kidding. I'll buy 'em on CD. Thanks for the heads up. The original CDs of both of those albums are lousy.

I have the 2112 re-master (One of my all time
favorites)and it sounds very good.. Compared
to the older version.

Wasnt there a pretty kick ass drum solo on
one of the older live Rush albums? Maybe
"all the worlds a stage"??? I was thinking
Rush also when i saw that thread...

Perhaps you're thinking of "YYZ" on Exit...Stage Left?
Peart's drum solo is "The Rhythym Method". I've heard several variations, best was at their "Roll the Bones" concert at Gund Arena in Cleveland.

Its been a long time since ive heard any of their
recorded live stuff. I was thinking there was a
drum solo during "Bytor the snow dog" on the
"all the world a stage" but it has been a long
time.. I will have to dig out Exit stage left and
check it out.. thanks.


I saw the Roll the Bones tour at the Shoreline in
Mountain view, CA. That was a really good one.
Neil always puts on a good show. Thats the last
time ive seen them live.

You guys have a good weekend...


I have A Farewell to Kings and Moving Pictures on Japanese vinyl, and NO you can't have them :P

I might have to try one of those CD re-masters.

Rush's Remastered "Moving Pictures" cd is mind blowing!!! Mercury did an incredible job on this re-release, the first few seconds of "YYZ", check to see if your tweeters are still connected, as they seem to be dancing happily above the speakers.

The inital cd was BAD, I remember the cassette tape sounding better! Brings back memories, 1990 w/ Rush playing in my Pioneer 6 cassette changer. Wow, the good ol'e days when I hated digital, gosh am I showing my age?
I've seen Rush live many times, being 42 helps *L* Saw them tour for Fly By Night, 2112 (opening act was Max Webster, ticket cost me $4), Farewell to Kings, All the World's A Stage, etc... Great band live. I lost interest in Rush after Hemispheres, they went off in a direction that wasn't to my liking. Unfortunately over the years I've worn out most of my Rush vinyl, all I have left is Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres. Think I'll head down to my local used vinyl emporium this week and stock up. Oh, my brother played in a golf tournament a few years back, he was paired with Alex Lifeson who is both an avid golfer and by all accounts a really nice guy.
The drum solo you're thinking of was on 'All the Worlds a Stage" but I can't remember what song it's in.
Working Man is the drum solo.
Jeff I saw Rush live 8 times in a 5 year period between '78 and '83.
Got their autographs too...............
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I'm in agreement with the post above I believe the writer of the site concerning the meaning of the song lyrics is definitely out to lunch [lunch consisting of a couple hits]. Could possibly buy it if he was discussing Greatful Dead lyrics.