Rush-R30 Concert on VH-1 Classic FRIDAY 1-13-06

Hi all, as I did with Journey, i`m letting all the
RUSH fans know that THIS FRIDAY 1-13-06 on
VH-1 Classic at 9PM EASTERN 8PM CENTRAL, they`re
going to be playing the RUSH R30 concert.
I don`t know IF they will play Neil`s solo!
I`m guessing that since they didn`t play
the 3 solos from the Journey concert, play might not
play Neil`s solo. BUT, IF you don`t have the
concert on DVD already, it might be worth checking out.
Thank you for letting us know! I hope they have Neil's solo as well, but will tune in and enjoy anyway.
Just in time ... I get to break in my new Denon AVR-5803A.

Better go warn the neighbors. I wonder if it's the same show Comcast had on-demand a couple of months back. It was outstanding but way too short. It left me looking for the DVD.
Thanks, I set the DVR to record it.