RUsh: Live in Rio

Anybody know if this is a true DDD digital recording? Also...any thoughts on the sound and performance...cheers
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Based on the DVD, which I own, I have to say I found the sound to be a little "mushy". You know how the Rush studio recordings were always so crisp, which added to the appreciation of the technically proficient playing of these guys? Well, IMO, the live recording lacks some of the crispness I'd like to have heard. It's a terrific collection of live Rush, don't get me wrong. And the playing is as good as I can recall from seeing them live many years ago. I'm nitpicking a little, but hey, you asked!
I also agree with Tvad, I was not that impressed with the DVD either. (sound or picture)
I just saw them a couple days ago and in person, like the DVD, the sound also left something to e desired....crispness was a good word....they went for loud, and got it, but didn't get clarity or crispness...bummer
And I remember seeing them in the early 80's at the Forum in Los Angeles in which the sound was phenominal.
I wanted another "all the worlds a stage" repeat, not even close. So I just got out all my old caress of steel,2112,fly by night,atwas, and am glad I heard these first.

If any one wants to listen to rush and hasnt listened to these classics, these are the ones I would suggest, just really really good classic rock.