Rush Live in 2013 - Clockwork Angels

Any Rush fans out there? A few of us saw them Sunday in Vancouver, WA and this show propelled into my top five all time most enjoyable concerts, and that includes The Who and Genesis in 1974!

The energy, virtuosity and sheer musical power these guys have...we are lucky to have an honest hard working band that still knows how to write great and perform hreat original material all these years later.

Anyone else see them on this tour? Wow!
Not this tour, but I have seen them several times. It's always impressive. Shows like that are getting to be a thing of the past. I did see kiss 2 years ago, and they were as good as I remember them being 20+ years ago. Not really what I listen to anymore, but I still like that old stuff. Im Nostalgic I suppose.
Hopefully none of the "Rush" on AM radio.
Saw them in Cleveland for the Time Machine tour when they made the DVD/BD movie. Great show! Saw Roger Waters do The Wall in Pittsburgh last year, too. Hands down, that was the best big venue show I've seen since the early 90's. The sound was simply superb.
I saw this tour in Glasgow indeed I've seen every tour since R30 and saw them around 8 times between 1979-83.

It was good pretty great in parts I preferred the set list on the Time Machine Tour...

CA is an ok record but not much more than that imho.
Trust me, with repeated listenings, CA will certainly grow on you; it took me time to begin to understand the question, "who is the watchmaker?" and the meaning relative to today's situation. The first in a long while of true thematic, single concept albums by the band.
I've listened to the album a lot Steve-it doesn't really grab me-it's flawed has some great moments but I really don't think they've got a grip of their production and arguably arrangements in recent years.

It's probably a good/great album of old style vinyl length but over a CD it is too patchy.
I will never buy another RUSH album BECAUSE of this album.
I saw this tour in Charlotte from the 7th row, and the sound was terrible. Muddy, indistinct bass, lots of heavy, compressed guitar and a little drums.

Great band, though, and great show. It was my first (my buddy is a Rush freak and splurged for the good tickets) and I was impressed by the musicianship.
Cymbop--better get use to it (terrible sound at live shows).
There are exceptions.
Tostados, I'm a bit of a Phish head, and tend to be impressed with the sound at their arena shows. If you like the rock music, go seem them when they come near you.

I'd expect no less from a band that's steeped in the music of the Dead, who more or less invented good sound at large venues in this country.

Would love to catch Phish some time. I like the guitar player's work with Oysterhead.
Glad to hear they still "got it".

HAve never seen them live, but I know Rush at their best is a real, well, RUSH.
Four shows this tour and loved every one of them (and I don't know how many shows over all - scores and scores). The new music is almost universally acclaimed as their best work in a couple of decades. The shows this year were awesome, well-attended, and impeccably-played.

Cymbop - as a Phishhead myself, I appreciate both their sound and Kuroda's lights - but more their sound - which almost never seems muddy unless you're stuck in a bad spot at a summer shed.

Tosta - Phish isn't "steeped in the music of the Dead". I've followed both bands for years (the Dead up until '95, and then onward with The Other Ones and Further) and the two sounds are inexorably different.
Huge Rush fan, have almost everything they've ever done, mostly on LP but some CD's. Was disappointed by the CA tour vid I saw on tv. They're musicianship is beyond reproach but I felt the songwriting was weak on this one.
Last year saw them in Portland for the Time Machine, almost as enjoyable as Clockwork