Rush downloads from HDTracks

Hey guys,

I just wanted to see if anyone has downloaded any of the Rush "Sector" packages from HDTracks. I'm only interested in Sectors 1&2, but wanted to see if the quality was there before I bought them.

My last download, which was Clockwork Angels didn't sound very good. In fact, the download immediately before that, The Vienna Philharmonic's performance of Beethoven's 5th and 7th Symphonies didn't sound good at all.

It seems that things are getting to be more miss than hit, so I thought I'd ask.

My experience has been, they are as good as the Master Tapes of whatever record. I replaced an old record for the music, although I knew there was nothing special in the recording, and it was as expected; lacking in dynamics and sound stage depth, but clear.

On Santana "Abraxas", the results were fantastic; dynamic range, a live sound stage, fantastic definition, all that I asked for.

They can't give you what's not there to begin with.

Enjoy the music.
I was asking specifically about the Rush downloads.
My bad.