Running springs duke vs ?

wondering if anybody made the jump from hydra 2 to the running springs twice the price i would expect this baby to perform as such,any of you guys comment on conditioner.thanks.
Digsmithd, in my system the Running Springs Jaco was sonicly superior to both the Hydra and Richard Gray units, with no sonic downside at all.

If you want more details take a look at my review here on the GON on the Jaco power conditioner.
No dealers skulking beneath the disclaimer radar. Unusual - no doubt they'll come on board once this goes off the main page.
no doubt snofun3,the hydra has been an impressive little unit.really cant knock the unit.Is the haly,duke same guts(sound)?
Usually one of the non-disclaimer dealers comes out of the woodwork with every opportunity - strange there's nothing yet.

Sorry but don't have the requisite experience with the unit to comment.