Running Springs Audio

I've been looking at these for sometime. The Dimetri looks really interesting. Anyone have one? Pros / cons? Currently use the Audio Magic Nexus.
Jtwrace, currently I use a Jaco in my system with great results, for details look at my Gon review on this piece. Next week I will be getting the Dimetri with the HZ power cord and will be happy to share what this will do in my system. The Jaco beat out about six other power conditions and the Dimetri is supposed to be at least 20 to 30 precent better across the total sonic landscape, so I'm very curious about how it will make my system perform.

Yes, definetely let us know how the Dimetri works out...
I don't know about the Dimetri, but I'm currently using a RSA Danielle, and previously owned a Audio Magic Stealth and Eclipse models. These are very different sounding power conditioners. The Audio Magic are very fast, nuetral and revealing, though they can sound a tad thin. The RSA conditioners (I've also owned a Jaco and Duke) tend to be fuller, warmer and more powerful sounding, but could sound slow in the wrong system. The RSA products are not quite as rich, and sweet as the Shunyata conditioners, but they are definitely on the other side of nuetral than your Audio Magic conditioner.


So it sounds like you like it better in your system then the AM?
05-20-09: Jtwrace

So it sounds like you like it better in your system then the AM?

Absolutely! The AM conditioners had very good speed and resolution, but sounded thin and bright in my system. The RSA are more full bodied and powerful sounding. FWIW, I have found the Elrod EPS-3 Signature power cord to work best with the RSA conditioners. I'd like to try a Elrod Statement, but funds preclude that idea.


You are in for a real treat with the Dmitri. It crushed a full 17K Isoclean system and sent it to the for sale section of Audiogon. It took me a whole one song with my system hooked up to the Dmitri to make the decision to sell the Isoclean. I sold the Isoclean and lost 2K but got back so much more out of the RSA. 17K vs. 4K and the 4K blows down the 17K. Very sick stuff.

Make sure the small end of the cones that come with the unit are facing down when placing them under the bottom of the Dmitri.

I hate reading all the audio lingo about how the soundstage opened up or darker background etc.. I will say this though, the RSA Dmitri will bring you closer to the life and realism of the music you play through your system.

Make sure you get an Acoustic Revive RR-77 with a Kingrex PSU to go along with your new Dmitri.

Be ready for some incredible eargasms.
Has anyone compared the High Zoot power cord with the Newer Elrod PCS, using the Running Springs unit?
has anyone compared tesla powercell with RSA conditioners
I have used both powercell and many RSA's including Dmitri. They are both good. The RSA tends to romanticize the sound (in a good way) and has a huge soundstage. I think the Dmitri is more focused and the best of the RSA's. The Tesla has an extremely black background, but in my system did not allow the detail on the disc to flow through as well as the others. I use the sound application. All of these units are first rate. System matching is the issue in deciding which is best for you.
We have tried out the RSA's Dmitri and its good but not as good as the new Bybee power purifier ac conditioner!...
You can get the ByBee conditioners at
Have Dmitri, it is simply amazing. Definitely beats Audience, Furman IT reference and Shunyata
I have had 4 RSA conditioners in my system along with a stack of others and the only one I can live with happily is the Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate. No sins and a completely organic, natural sound. It sounds very different from any other PC. If I had to choose a more traditional PC, I would probably pick the Sound Application but the RSA stuff is not for me.
I have been in the Shunyata camp for awhile, but I am not married to it.
I am looking for an upgrade to the V-Ray or something better.
The RS gear sounds promising, but not available for a local audition.
A local dealer carries the Walker power conditioner.
Any comparisons of it to the Running Springs?
Lacee, I have compared both Shunyata and the Walker power conditioners to the RS Dimetri and found the the Dimetri was the hands down winner across the board in my system.

Take a look at my review of the Dimetri here on the GON for details regarding its performance.
After reading your review, I see we share a few component choices- ML Depth and Audio Valve Eklipse pre amp.

This makes my search to audition a Dimitri a must.
I spoke with a guy who told me there a knock off Running Springs units (made in China) floating around. I don't know if this is true, but just to give everyone a heads up. Be sure to ask for the original receipt.