Running Speakers with amps of minimum output

I have recently changed my speakers from 94db Living Voice Avatars, to 89db sensitivity Acoustic Zen Adagios. Now both have a good benign impedence profile, but the Lavardin IT I am using with them is at the recommended lower power output required by the Adagios, 50watts. Now the Lavardin is everything that has beem reported about it, neutral, clean, with no hash and dynamic. It sounds very good with the new speakers, but I just wonder what I am missing, presumably, some base grip and drive, which will affect the higher frequencies. Certainly I notice a bit of congestion in busy orchestral music.
The recommended output requirements for the Adagios is 50 to 200 watts and I know that is only a guide. As I intend to stick with the speakers indefinitely, I was wondering what SS integrated around 150 to 200 watts, of a similar quality to the Lavardin I should be looking at. Two immediate thoughts were the new Conrad Johnson CA 200, which I have'nt heard, but I like CJ, also the Karan KA1-180.
The rest of the system is Origin Live Resolution/Illustrious/ koetsu Rosewood Signature
Modded Shanling CDT 100
Viva Solista 845 SET(for winter central heating)
Acoustic Zen cables
I listen to Classical, opera, Alt country and Singer Somgwriters, Jazz and Blues.
Any thoughts on the general question of matching amp output to speaker sensitivity and particular amp recommendations, would be welcome.
Im not fimilar with your speakers But ive just recived CANARY ca-339 mono blocks Im very happy with. They just had a review in 6moons. Small company but they are very buzy.
Good reason they are great amps
So you use the Viva with no worry about it not having enough power??

If you like Lavardin, I have doubts you will like CJ as much. I would suggest a YBA Passion integrated (the new version is now called Passion 300). Not heard the Karan but I read it is quite good.
The Viva is only 22 watts but sounds louder, with more grip than the Lavardin and tha Adagios are said to be SET friendly. The Viva is in hospital in Italy at the moment, I will cross that bridge if the Viva does'nt seem to match the new speakers