Running Speakers in Parallel, center channel help.

Though many people disagree with this approach, I would like to run a stereo pair of speakers for a single center channel. Each speaker is biwirable, thus 4 connections per speaker. My amp is a conventional one with a single + and single - coming out!

I understand I am better off running the speaker in parallel versus jumpers to each.

My question is two-fold. 1) How would connect a pair of speakers in parallel? 2) Your thoughts on running stereo speakers for a center channel?

For what it is worth, I am running a set of Veritas 2.8s, and will be using 2.2s as the center. The amp is the Cal MCA-2500.

How are you going to arrange the two speakers' geometries to avoid inevitable phase cancellations/combing from the two tweeters? And what about the combined impedence dip's affect on the amp's stability? Or are you just pulling our collective legs here?
Subaruguru, pulling legs?

The only legs I am pulling are those from the Turkey, preparing him for a stuffing in three weeks!

I have not figured out how to arrange the speakers, although I would imagine them being in their normal vertical arrangement. I have not figured out if they should
be RIGHT next to each other, or side by side, of if I should
put them some (unknown?) distance apart.

I know I have no idea how to do this, but certainly will try. I was just hoping someone else had some ideas.

As for imp. drops, it is my understanding this running speakers in parallel actually INCREASES impedence. This is how it was explained to me! You seem to have a different view.

Anyone else?

connecting speakers in SERIES will increase the impedance, running them in parallel will decrease the impedance. Since you are using 2 identical speakers, connecting them in parallel will result in the impedance being cut in half.

WIth the x-over on a bi-wireable speaker, I don't know if you can connect in series...

One possibility, and this would take a lot of pieces of speaker cable, would be to connect the 2 woofers in series, the two tweeters in series, and connect those two legs to the amplifier in parallel. This would require 3 pairs of cable, probably cheaper to sell your existing speakers and buy a center channel than buy 2 more pairs of cable. Also, I haven't the slightest idea how it would sound, but it should create a more stable impedance for your amplifier.

If you want a quick sketch of how to connect as described above, send me an email with a fax number, and I will present my non-artistic rendition of the schematic.

I actually did this years ago. I had the Mirage center speaker. I had a Fosgate w/ two center outs. The dispersion of this speaker is the worst. TWO center speakers made a nice improvement.----However I recommend get ONE good center speaker. Make life simple.---Unless your room is 40ft wide,and 40ft. deep.